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Are Silk Pillowcases Good in the Heat? 
During the warmer seasons and heat waves getting a good night's sleep can be a challenge. There’s nothing worse than feeling hot and sweaty in bed, which can lead to a severe lack of good-quality sleep. Instead of tossing and turning on your standard cotton pillowcase, why not consider investing in a pure Mulberry silk pillowcase? Not only does silk offer a range of benefits for your hair and skin, such as reducing wrinkles, maintaining hydration in the skin and keeping hair frizz-free, but it also has the added advantage of being thermoregulating. This means a silk pillowcase can help keep you cool and comfortable even in hot weather. So, let's delve into why you should consider getting yourself a silk pillowcase or even gifting one to a loved one. 
How a silk pillowcase can affect your comfort during hot weather? 
When it comes to comfort during hot weather, we often overlook how our bedding, specifically from the shoulders up, affects our body temperature while we sleep. Mulberry silk pillowcases are an excellent choice for maintaining comfort in bed, especially when the weather is hot. The moisture-repelling characteristics and natural breathable fibres of Mulberry silk can help regulate your body temperature. Unlike cotton pillowcases that retain moisture, silk pillowcases wick away sweat, keeping you dry and cool throughout the night. As you rest your head on a Mulberry silk pillowcase, you'll instantly feel a luxurious, cooling sensation unparalleled by cotton. 
Discover gifts for her, made from silk 
Moreover, silk gifts make for wonderful presents for women or men. If you're looking for great gift ideas, explore our wide range of silk products available. From silk pillowcases in various shades to silk eye masks and silk scrunchies, these beautiful accessories are perfect for birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, or simply as an indulgent treat for yourself. Each item is crafted with care, offering a touch of luxury and elegance. At DREAMI, we’re proud to invest in sourcing the best silk suppliers and aim to create the very best wellness products we can. We are also committed to providing unbeatable customer service. Our silk scrunchies and sleep masks are all Oeko-Tex® certified, eco-friendly and non-toxic. Our pillowcases are easy to launder and come packaged in an elegant magnetic gift box. 
So, whether you're looking to enhance your sleep experience or surprise someone special, silk gifts are sure to be appreciated. 
Silk pillowcases are not only beneficial for your hair and skin but also a wise choice for hot weather. Their thermoregulating properties and breathable fibres help keep you cool and comfortable throughout warm nights. There are lots of things to love about summer, but sweating, uncomfortable nights aren’t one of them so give yourself the best chance of a good night’s sleep. 
Plus, silk products make excellent gifts, offering a touch of luxury and practicality. So, consider treating yourself or a loved one to the comfort and elegance of silk pillowcases and other silk accessories. Sleep comfortably and stylishly, even during the hottest of nights. 
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