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As the days get shorter and the air turns crisp, it's the perfect time to cosy up and indulge in some self-care. Embracing the autumn season can be a delightful experience; we're here to guide you through it. At DREAMI Boutique, we understand the importance of self-care and are passionate about incorporating the luxurious touch of silk into your daily routine. Here are the top 7 self-care things to try this autumn, including the benefits of our high-quality silk accessories for your wellness and hair care needs. 
1. Rest your eyes in pure silk luxury 
There's nothing quite like snuggling up for a nap on a chilly autumn afternoon. Take your nap to the next level of comfort by using a silk sleep eye mask. Our mulberry silk eye masks are incredibly soft and gentle on your skin, and they also block out light, ensuring a deep and restful nap. Elevate your wellness routine with the luxurious touch of silk. 
2. Embrace the silk scrunchie sensation 
Autumn brings about a change in your hair care routine. With cooler temperatures and drier air from things such as central heating, it's essential to protect your hair from damage. Enter the world of designer hair scrunchies made from high-quality mulberry silk. Our silk scrunchies are the perfect hair accessories for the season. They offer protection against breakage, reduce friction and add a touch of elegance to your autumn hairstyles. Experience the magic of silk hair accessories for yourself. 
3. Sleep on a Mulberry silk pillowcase for hair protection 
A silk pillowcase is a must-have for autumn. As you snuggle into bed, let our mulberry silk pillowcase cradle your head in pure luxury. Not only is it incredibly soft against your skin, but it also reduces friction on your hair, helping to prevent frizz and breakage. Wake up with gorgeous, tangle-free hair and enhance your autumn beauty routine with this simple yet effective silk accessory. 
4. Unwind with a cup of herbal tea 
Autumn is the perfect time to embrace the warmth and comfort of herbal teas. Swap out your regular caffeine-packed beverages for soothing herbal infusions. Explore chamomile, lavender or ginger teas to relax your body and mind. Sipping on these natural brews can be a delightful way to de-stress and nurture your well-being. 
5. Take a mindful walk in nature 
Amidst the colourful foliage and crisp air, take leisurely nature walks. Connect with the beauty of the season by practising mindfulness. Notice the rustling leaves, the scent of fallen pine needles and the feel of the earth beneath your feet. These mindful moments in nature can rejuvenate your spirit and provide a sense of serenity. 
6. Journal for reflection 
As the year winds down, reflect on your experiences and goals with journaling. Create a safe space to express your thoughts, dreams and gratitude. Journaling can help you process your emotions, gain clarity and set intentions for the upcoming months. It's a therapeutic way to nurture your mental and emotional well-being during autumn. 
7. Take a digital detox and do some reading 
Disconnect from the digital world and immerse yourself in the luxury of reading. Opt for a captivating novel, a self-help book or a collection of poetry that speaks to your soul. Set aside dedicated time to enjoy the company of characters and stories that transport you to new realms. A digital detox and quality reading time can be a soothing balm for your autumn self-care routine. 
This autumn, prioritise self-care with these inspired tips. Embrace the tranquillity of herbal teas, find solace in mindful nature walks, delve into the therapeutic practice of journaling, and immerse yourself in the world of literature. As the days grow shorter and the air crisper, these self-care practices will help you stay grounded, relaxed, and in tune with the changing season. 
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